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Strike Back
Poetry from Cheshire
UWM undergrad mag
lives on

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Zone II NewAnim:  Fly Air America with Al Franken & Co.Air America
Al Franken's liberal radio while it lasts    [Defunct]
Click Link Above for NY Times Article     2010
Captures an era

Poetry from Dive Deep, Leap Clear
My online poetry page

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[My Journal]

Updated twice weekly

Zone II Marx Photo:  Go to Marxism ClassMarxism by Bertell

Inventor of Class Struggle 
Gibsons' Couch 
An East Side crowd in
1968; J. Edgar Hoover

Poetry from My Collection From Hey Lady, Pretty
Mama, Quixote, etc.

ReMedial Writing
Editing problems at the
Journal Sentinel & general
media criticism 

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Text Bullet
Text BulletOne Looks at One

Talking Rexroth with
 Ken Knabe

Review from JapanTimes
                    Poet Morgan Gibson Pic
UWM Prof
& radical in Japan:

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Zonyx Report
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[empty so far]

    Giving Me the Tongue
Zone II Notes Icon: Go to ReCycled Music to Order VinylJim Eukey's ReCycled Music Died March 19, 2006
  [Click Above for Obit]

Special! [Defunct] Check out new CD from the anti-Bush troubadour & browse his vast store of used vinyl for sale 
     Song: Condo-Leasa
Play Eukey Tune: Condo-Leada
In Memoriam
Priscilla Vettel
Lewis [1945-1995]

Street Sheet
Yippie lit,  from the '60s
Milwaukee Sentinel

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     The Plum Tree 
     Rat  New
     The Fences
     Love & Marriage
     Gas for Less
     A Game of Pool 
     The Renegades I
How Do You Like America?
And other poems by Keiko
Matsui Gibson

Kaleidoscope Story
From coffee shop
origin  to
Court ruling

Sex, Censorship &

Bugle American report
on culture wars [1977]


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Local activists fix things here
Sacks & Violence
at Milwaukee Port

Taxi Driver's Life 
Confessions from
Bugle American [1977]

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Zone II Beer Mug:  Go to Regano's on Brady St.Regano's 
Where the elite meet &
greet on Brady Street

Magic & Art
Art Muscle
the connection [1994]

War Protest March
From 1969
Waukesha Freeman
Merry Xmas
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Mike Zetteler
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A new generation to blame
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Milwaukee Journal
Accent Column

Odd 1966
career choice

What's Art?
The sculpture of
Bob Watt

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Harvey Taylor Words & Music
Longshoreman/poet entertains 
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Naked Dancers
Ozaukee Press
tavern  scandal [1970]

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Recent Obits
of Significance to Zonyx Readers:

Zonyx Obit Tombstone PicBarker, Jim Nov. 5, 2005
Avant Garde coffeehouse founder, artist, jewelry
       maker, slide guitarist, guru.
See Memorial Gathering pix at Von Trier's here
       More from Kathy Rippey here
Blair, Fred March 21, 2005
Communist, bookstore owner, Hoover scapegoat,
       poet; coined use of
Holocaust in modern sense
Zonyx Obit Tombstone Pic
Cortez, Carlos Jan. 2005
Artist, Wobbly, Poet, Organizer, WW II
       Conscientious Objector & Prisoner

Zonyx Obit Tombstone Pic
Eukey, Jim March 19, 2006
Photographer, Poet, Screenwriter, friend.
        More from
Z-Blog here

Zonyx Obit Tombstone PicGlynn, Jim Oct. 18, 2004
        Musician, radio host, teacher, hipster, friend
Zonyx Obit Tombstone PicKrause, Fred (Big Hippie) Feb. 2005
Longshoreman; Kaleidoscope Distributor; youth
        counselor; friend

Zonyx Obit Tombstone Pic
Nero, Bob July 29, 2004
Formerly of UWM & East Side; poet, editor, scholar
Zonyx Obit Tombstone Pic
Novick, Dave June 3, 2003
Civil rights worker; editor & reporter; activist, friend

Zonyx Obit Tombstone Pic
Peckenpaugh, Angela Summer, 1997
UW-Whitewater prof; East Sider; poet, editor, friend
Zonyx Obit Tombstone PicRay, Dave (Snaker) Nov. 2002
Blues & folk musician; frequent East Side performer
Zonyx Obit Tombstone Pic
Schreiner, Dave Aug. 27, 2003
Bugle American co-founder; editor, comics maven


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