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M'waukee Stories:

The Plum Tree
Getting laid by an ugly woman can be an ordeal at 16 if you're a virgin.
RatZonyx NEW GifAni
Sex & bugs & rock 'n' roll.
The Fences
The point of childhood games is that they can rip your flesh.
Love & Marriage
Get graduated, get married, get drunk with your buddies.

[for Joe Morales]
Gas For Less
Lust, race & robbery meet in a '60s Milwaukee gas

A Game of Pool
Girl, be my metaphor:  Those sex games of youth.

[for Lani LaDew]
The Renegades I
Fiction Updated Notice
Hangouts & lusty ladies provide a guide to life.
Zonyx Fiction Hooligan's Foto
The Renegades II
Updated File Green .GIF
Lust can be heady, but non-conformity leaves its mark. 
A landscape grows cold, losing the gold.
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Prod the Beast [Final]
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Carlos' Cortege
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Prodding the Beast
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Literal Disposition
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Three Freds [Part IV]
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Three Freds [Part III]
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   Lowered expectations
Tue. May 31 
Sleeping blogs lie
Mon. May 30
Reason at age 11
Sun. May 29  Sermon for Sunday
Sat. May 28
Memorable mag essay
Fri. May 27
Hilton's gyrations
Thu. May 26
   Health care for carriers
Wed. May 25
Shrimp brains
Tue. May 2
Lost in translation
Mon, May 23
Need for creed 
Sun, May 22
Current currents
Sat. May 21  
Morgan Gibson redux
Sun. May 1    Frankenstein
Sat. April 30 
From whence
Sun. Feb. 13 
Hunting cats 
Wed. Jan. 5  
Shirking Stingl
Mon. Jan. 3  
Schanen legacy

Sun. Dec. 26  Saint Reggie
Mon. Nov. 8  
Pouring reign
Thu. Nov. 4   
Moot victory
Wed. Nov. 3  
Uninterested writing
Tue. Aug. 24 
Myth Milwaukee /
Tue. June 8   
Saint Ronnie
Mon. June 7  
Wordsniffer / Hobson
Sun. June 6   
Non savant

Mon. Feb. 16 
Ticky tacky review
Sat. March 22 
Schizophrenic Hunt
[2]  Getting laid
Sun. Feb. 26   Wailing well
Thu. Jan. 23
[1]  Awake & sting
[2]  Enormity of the bride
Thu. Jan. 2  Nauseating tale

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