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Call It Christmas
Or the Winter Solstice
Or Saturnalia

In any case, Season's Greetings as it appears on my Z-Blog
as one of the regular Sunday Sermons:

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Sunday Sermon XVII:  Of a Dubious Birth
     This Sunday one week before the arbitrary date
of the celebration of Christ's Zone II Photo:  SantaChristbirth (September 29, 2 BC
is one
commonly accepted date for his birth;
other scholars point to April) is a good time
for my Xmas message.  I found one on the
Internet I won't try to improve upon:

                    'Tis The Season
              What Does X-Mas Mean?

Carey Sherrill

The supreme creator of the entire universe looks across billions of light years and finds one small galaxy.  In the corner of that galaxy he finds a rather mediocre solar system.  One of millions within that galaxy.  He looks to one of the smaller planets in that solar system and finds hundreds of thousands of species of living organisms, but he picks just one of those species to concern himself with.  Then he decides to create a bizarre little game with them.  He creates a place of everlasting torment and tells them to obey him or they will suffer for eternity.  Although he is the supreme creator he can't seem to control this one species very well so he changes the rules a little bit and decides to mate with one of their females so that 33 years later, a mere blink in cosmic time, the poor chap can endure a brutal death.  He does all this just to try and convince the rest of the species that he really is a
good and loving god.

     I think it's time to find a new Christmas story.

     If you need more in the true Xmas spirit, Robert G. Ingersoll, of course, raised a firestorm with some
famous words in the form of his Essay on Christmas (1889), with Sabbath Superstition (1893) included there (top of page) for good measure.
Saturnalia, all.
     (And a Peaceful New Year)

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