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Zonyx Report  Photo:  Avant Garde Coffeehouse .GIF (12KB)
Avant Garde
N. Prospect Ave.
Milwaukee, WI

Coffeehouse of
Beats, Blues &

Zonyx Report Photo:  Pearson Beastie .JPG (4 KB)
Original by Dennis
Various Locations
 Milwaukee 2002

Decorated Sculptures

Zonyx Report Photo:  Harleys on Brady St. .JPG (61 KB)
Brady Street Scene
Milwaukee, WI
After Harley-Davidson Rally

Milwaukee One Photo

Zonyx Report Pic:  Bugle-American Cover .JPG (28 KB)
Bugle-American Cover
Milwaukee's Second
 Alternative Paper
Counterculture History Issue






      Zonyx Report GifAnim: Spotlights

        Zonyx Report Pic:  Bugle Sex Issue Cover  .JPG (18KB)
        Bugle Cover Story
Censoring Sex & Spotting
  Friedan, Steinem & Freedom
Sister Drouin & Others

       Design by Cathy Gubin

Zonyx Report Photo:  Cynthia d'Este Coffin .JPG (43KB)
Coffin, Cynthia d'Este
Of Palmyra, WI
Poet;  Former Eastsider &
San FranciscoTreat

from CNB-Scene
Web Site

Zonyx Report Photo:  Loading Containers .JPG (9KB)
Container Loading
Canadian Docks
Federal Marine Terminals

from Web Site:

Zonyx Report Photo:  Negative Naked Dancers .JPG (82KB)
Naked Dancers
Ozaukee Press
Nude Dancing Article

Background Illustration

Zonyx Report Pic:  Bird Sculpture .JPG (13KB)
"Dead Bird"
by Ruth Milofsky
Cheshire  Cover

 Subject of  Barbara Gibson Poem

Zonyx Report Map:  East Side Milwaukee .GIF (12 KB)
East Side Map
Hip Side of Town

Milwaukee, WI

Mike Zetteler's Home

Zonyx Report Photo:  Wis. Farm Girl .JPG (66 KB)
Farm Girl
Wisconsin, USA
Genealogy Page Illustration

Zonyx Report Photo:  Gibsons' Home Party .JPG (370260 bytes)
Gibsons' Couch
East Side Milwaukee
A Night to Remember
in 1968

Barbara Gibson Photo

Zonyx Report Photo:  Cynthia Gruver .JPG (45 KB)
Cynthia Gruver
Of Arizona, USA
Great-Granddaughter of
Frederick T. Zetteler

IgoUgo Web Site

Zonyx Report Photo:  Chris Hakala .JPG (49 KB)
Hakala, Christine
[neeŽ Zetteler]
North Side Milw.
Fred & Dorothy
Zetteler's Daughter

Zonyx Report Photo:  Milwaukee Port Heavy Lift .JPG (78KB)
City Open Dock Loading
Port of Milwaukee
Heavy-Lift Cargo

from Web Site:

Zonyx Report Photo:  Hi Hat on Brady St. Corner .JPG (55 KB)
Hi Hat on Brady Street
Public Housing in Background
Corner of Arlington & Brady

Tom Bamberger Photo
Milwaukee Magazine

Zonyx Report Pic:  Kaleidoscope 1969 Police Issue Cover .GIF (62 KB)
Police Issue
Secret Police Exposed
Zonyx Report Pic:  Kaleidoscope Anti-War Cover .JPG (86 KB)
Kaleidoscope Cover
Anti-War Focus
Take It to the Streets
Zonyx Report Photo:  Rad Keener .JPG (10 KB)
Keener, Rad
Union Steward, VP
Longshoreman, Writer,
Zonyx Report Photo:  Alice Kingsley .JPG (62 KB)
  Kingsley, Alice [neeŽ Mickle]
Milwaukee, WI 1995
Mother of Mike Zetteler
 & Kathy (Kingsley) Mclaren
Zonyx Report Photo:  Ken & Alice Kingsley .JPG (19 KB)
Kingsley, Ken & Alice
Ready for a Trip

Post-War Tourists

Zonyx Report Map:  Lake Michigan .GIF (19 KB)
Lake Michigan
The Great Lakes
Third Coast Ports

Milwaukee, WI

Zonyx Report Photo:  Ship Ottawa in Port of Milw. .JPG (63 KB)
Port of Milwaukee
Mobile Cranes &
 Ship [Index Page]

Loading the Ottawa
from Web Site:

 Zonyx Report Photo:  Kathy & Mervyn Wedding .JPG (53 KB)
Mclaren, Mervyn
 & Kathy
Milwaukee Co. Courthouse

Kathy Kingsley Wedding

Zonyx Report Photo:  Young Alice Mickle on the Grass .JPG (20 KB)
Mickle, Alice A. R.
[Zetteler; Kingsley]
Milwaukee, WI

Mother of Mike Zetteler
 & Kathy (Kingsley) Mclaren

Zonyx Report Photo:  Peter Mickle & Fish .JPG (46 KB)
Mickle, Peter
Rural Postal Carrier
Richland Center, Wisconsin

Father of Scudder, Madge & Charles

 Zonyx Report Photo:  Peter Mickle & Kids .JPG (28 KB)
Mickle, Peter [Fr. L.]
& Children:
 Madge & Charles
Richland Center, WI
Studio Portrait


 Zonyx Report Photo:  UWM's Mitchell Hall .JPG (12 KB)
Mitchell Hall, UWM
Milwaukee, WI
Downer Avenue & Kenwood

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Main Building

Zonyx Report Pic:  Molyn Co. Poster .JPG (29 KB)
Molyn & Co.
 Advertising Poster
Rotterdam, Holland
 Long-Time Zetteler Family

Zonyx Report Pic:  Molyn Factory Smokes Up Rotterdam .GIF (62KB)
Molyn & Co.
The Netherlands
ca. 1900
Paint & Varnish Giant;
Zetteler Family

Zonyx Report Photo:  Rick & Salomea Ollman .JPG (26 KB)
Ollman, Salomea & Rick
Sherman Park Area
Milwaukee, WI
Former East Sider &
 Wife; Poet,
 Musician, Web Site

Zonyx Report Pic:  Ozaukee Press 1970 Cover .GIF (17 KB)
Ozaukee Press
1970 Cover
Port Washington, WI
State's First Photo-Offset Paper

Zonyx Report Photo:  Dave "Snaker" Ray .JPG (5 KB)
Dave "Snaker" Ray &
"Spider" John Koerner
at the Avant Garde
Milwaukee, WI
1963 or '64

Blues Performers

Gordy Simon Photo
Web Site:

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Zonyx Report Photo:  Teri Regano Bartending .JPG (63 KB)
Regano, Teri
Bartending at
 Roman Coin,

  Brady & Astor
Milwaukee, WI
Tavern Owner;
Brady Street
 Assoc. Director

Zonyx Report Photo:  Diane Rey & Jesse Jesperson .JPG (11 KB)
Rey, Diane &
Jess Jespersen
At OB/GS's Lounge
Milwaukee, WI

Arizona Residents &

Zonyx Report Map:  St. Lawrence Seaway .GIF (26 KB)
St. Lawrence Seaway Map
To Port of Milwaukee
& Beyond

Shipping Routes
on the Great Lakes

  Zonyx Report Pic:  Milwaukee Sentinel Headline .GIF (5462 bytes)
Sentinel Headline
Street Sheet Article

Milwaukee Newspaper
Discovers Freak Commune

Zonyx Report Photo:  The Shags Band .JPG (11 KB)
The Shags 
John Sahli on Right
Milwaukee '60s Rockers
Zonyx Report GIFAnim:  DL "Melissa" 703 KB .AU Sound File
Play .WAV File Here
Faster .MP3 Here

Zonyx Report Photo:  Marcia Smith & Chelsea .JPG (69 KB)
Smith, Chelsea & Marcia [neeŽ Drouin]
Hospital, 1983

Cedarburghers &
Honorary East Siders

 Zonyx Report Photo:  Harvey Taylor  .GIF (20594 bytes)
Harvey Taylor Hooks Up
Milwaukee Docks Still
Working Out for Some

Poet & Musician at His
Day Job

Milwaukee Journal Photo

[another placeholder]

Zonyx Report Photo:  Unloading at Milw. Port .JPG (38 KB)
Unloading Cargo
Port of Milwaukee
Lake Michigan Longshoring 

from Web Site:


    Zonyx Report Photo:  Priscilla Vettel & Mike Zetteler .JPG (32 KB)
Vettel, Priscilla & Mike Zetteler
East Side, Milwaukee
A Gathering at the Gibsons'

Barbara Gibson Photo


Zonyx Report Photo:  Bob Watt & Soft Sculptures .JPG (81027 bytes)
Watt, Bob
A Mansion Full of
W. Juneau Ave.
Milwaukee, WI

Before the Fire

Ralph Larsen

Zonyx Report Pic:  Freeman Cover of Waukesha Anti-War March .JPG (137594 bytes)
Front Page

Anti-War March
Vietnam Coverage

Zonyx Report Photo: Wisconsin Shack .JPG (14655 bytes)
Wisconsin Home
 in Winter
Land of the Green Bay
 Friday Night Fish Frys,
 Brandy Old Fashioneds
 & Chronically Wasted
 Deer & People

State Song:
"In heaven there is no beer,
That's why we drink it here..."

From Wisconsin Tourism Site:

Zonyx Report Photo:  Marion Witte & Flowers .JPG (64128 bytes)
Witte, Marion [neeŽ Zetteler]
Witte's House of Flowers
North Avenue Near Sherman
Milwaukee, WI
Wife of Milwaukee Police Detective
 Harold Witte;
 Later Married Alvin  Stephen

Women of the 

Sept. 1976 Issue

Hildene Callies
Amy Kirkland

Zonyx Report Pic:  "Man IV" Woodcut from Cheshire Mag .GIF (18237 bytes) Woodcut  Illus. 

Cheshire, 1962
"Man, IV" by
 Mary Lou Higgins
Fiction: Mike
"Gas for Less"

 Zonyx Report Photo:  Yellow Cab  .GIF (8571 bytes)
Yellow Cab Bugle Illus.
Cab Driver's Memoirs
Jan. 1977 Issue

Hard Drivin' Times &


[son of placeholder]

Zonyx Report Photo:  Zetteler Cottage Style Duplex .JPG (36 KB)
 Zetteler Duplex
Sherman Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI

Near Washington
Park Zoo
Where the Lions
Slept At Night &
Old Joe Was King

 Zonyx Report Photo:  Blackie the Cat Resting .JPG (31 KB)
Zetteler, Blackie
Sun Prairie, WI

Chicken Farm Mouser
& Family Pet


Zonyx Report Pic:  Zetteler Coat of Arms .JPG (52 KB)
Zetteler Coat of Arms
Dutch Clan's Pride Goes Stag 


Zonyx Report Photo:  Chas. G. E. Zetteler (40 KB)
Zetteler, Charles Gabriel Elias
Milwaukee, WI
Knights of Pythias Uniform

Great-Grandfather Leads New
Post-Civil War Fraternal


Zonyx Report Photo:  Chas. Zetteler .JPG (60715 bytes)
Zetteler, Chas. G.
Milwaukee Area Commander in
Knights of Pythias Regalia

Grandfather's Get-Up

Zonyx Report Photo:  Chas. Zetteler .JPG (50909 bytes)
Zetteler, Charles G. E.
Turner Hall, Milw.
 [Turnverein] Pose

Grandfather Goes
 Deutsch Treat

Zonyx Report Photo:  Older Chas. Zetteler .JPG (23139 bytes)
Zetteler, Charles G. E.
Northwestern Mutual
Insurance Honcho
Milwaukee, WI

Grandfather is Vested

Zonyx Report Photo:  Christine Zetteler .JPG (15093 bytes)
Zetteler, Christine
 [neeŽ Tesarek]
True Milwaukee Bohemian

Grandmother from Prague

Zonyx Report Photo:  Grandma Zetteler .JPG (25440 bytes)
Zetteler, Christine
An Agnostic On
Sherman Blvd.,
 Milwaukee, WI
Grandmother to
6-yr. Old:  "Maybe
God is just the name
we use for the good."

Zonyx Report Photo:  Mike Zetteler at Bugle Office .JPG (20331 bytes)
 Zetteler, Mike
Bugle-American Office
Milwaukee, WI

Your Web Site Editor
At a Beer-Tasting Night:
Bohemian Club Won

Cathy Gubin Photo

Zonyx Report Photo:  Mike Zetteler .JPG (5666 bytes)
 Zetteler, Mike
Milwaukee, WI
[Index Page]

Retired Reporter & Longshoreman;  Last of His Kind
[Surely, but what kind?]

Tom Yelvington Photo

Zonyx Report Photo:  Zetteler Family at Sun Prairie Farm .JPG (17960 bytes)
Zetteler, Mike & Parents
Alice & Frederick Charles
Sun Prairie, WI

Chicken Farm Material?

Zonyx Report Photo:  Marcia Drouin & Mike Zetteler .JPG (65483 bytes)
Zetteler, Mike
 & Marcia Drouin
Went to a Garden
East Side, Milw.

A Holzhauer Family

Robin Leenhouts

Zonyx Report Photo:  Mike Zetteler & Ex-Wife .JPG (45069 bytes)
Zetteler, Mike
& Susan [neeŽ Shippee]
Wedding Reception
St. John's Methodist
Church Basement
24th Pl. & Auer Ave.
Milwaukee, WI
June 1966

The Fugs Were Ther
& the Gibsons
 & Johnsons, too

Zonyx Report Photo:  Sue Shippee .JPG (12176 bytes)
Zetteler, Susan
[neeŽ Shippee]
Draft Counselor, 1968
UWM Nursing Student

George Johnson Photo

Zonyx Report Photo:  Susie Shippee .JPG (77939 bytes)
Zetteler, Susan [now Roberts]
[Later,  Mrs. Graziano]
 Milwaukee, WI
East Side Waitress,  Nude Model,  Mother,  Nursing Home Administrator

George Johnson Photo

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